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During a Flood

Emergency services personnel, state agencies, your local council and others in the community will be working hard to manage the response to a flood, and keep people and property safe throughout the whole community.  The task will be large and time and resources will be limited.  You can help by:

  • following the advice of emergency response workers
  • taking as much responsibility as you can for your own health and safety and those near to you
  • doing as much as you can to protect your property and possessions from flood waters

Real-time emergency information and warnings

Latest Flood Warnings, River Height and Rainfall Information

For the latest flood warning information, river heights and rainfalls see:

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) has a wide range of roles which includes planning for and responding to floods.  More than 5,500 volunteers provide this response across the state.

VICSES provides advice on what to do during floods, including advice on what to do when flooding has begun, what to do when you leave your property and what will happen if you become isolated.

VICSES also provides current emergency information on flood and storm events.

Emergency Contact Information (links and phone details)

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