Travel During Floods


VicRoads is responsible for highways and main roads throughout Victoria and your local council is responsible for local and regional roads. 

Information on road closures and detours due to flooding, or other emergencies, can be found as follows:

Some additional local roads may also be closed.  Contact your local council for more details of local road closures.

WARNING!  Most people die in Australian floods when they enter in or try and cross floodwaters. 

You only need 200mm (8 inches) of fast flowing water to sweep you off your feet or 150mm (18 inches) of still water to float a small car. Watch video 15 to float.

Do not drive or walk through floodwaters. If you must enter floodwaters, wear solid shoes, not thongs or bare feet, and check the depth and current with a stick. 

Contact with contaminated floodwater can result in serious illness including gastro-enteritis and hepatitis A.

Public Transport Victoria

Contact PTV for information about changes to public transport arrangements in Metropolitan Melbourne.

For changes to public transport arrangements in regional Victoria contact V/Line.

Page Last Updated: Wednesday 7 March, 2018