When Flooding is Imminent

The Bureau of Meteorology will be able to issue warnings for most floods and these will be broadcast on ABC and other radio stations.  If heavy rain is falling, tune in to the radio to listen for flood warnings and updates.  Have a battery operated radio with spare batteries handy as there is often a power failure during storms which cause floods.

Flood warning products issued in Victoria include: 

Flood Watch

Flood Watch is a service provided by the Bureau of Meteorology to notify the Victorian community of the potential flood threat from a developing weather situation.


Flood Warnings

Flood warning products include different types of information including:

  • the type of weather event which will cause the flood
  • the type of flooding which will occur
  • how much data is available from satellites, radar, rain gauges and stream gauges
  • whether there is a gauge-based warning system installed in the catchment
  • how quickly the flood develops

An explanation of different types of warnings can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology website.
You can also view the Victoria Weather and Warnings page which provides the latest flood warning, river height and rainfall information.

Page Last Updated: Wednesday 7 March, 2018