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Learn about Flooding

There are different types of flooding which are caused by different weather and catchment conditions. You may be at risk of one or more of these types of floods - refer to flood types on this website.

Flooding is natural and cannot be stopped. Flooding can however, have both positive and negative impacts.

The positive impacts of flooding, for example, include water for wetland ecosystems and replenishing soil moisture and nutrients for agriculture.

The negative impacts of flooding can bring substantial damages to homes and businesses, critical infrastructure and to farming, such as agriculture and crops. 

In the late 1990s, the average (direct) annual damage (AAD) cost of flooding across Victoria was estimated to be approximately $130 million based on riverine type flooding.  Some ten years later, the estimated AAD, including all forms of flooding across Victoria (but excluding potential climate change impacts) is closer to $450 million. Geoscience Australia has further information about flood damages across Australia.

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