Links for Students and Teachers

Useful Links for students and teachers

Following sets out a short description and links to resource material for students and teachers.

  • Learn about meteorology, prepared by the Bureau of Meteorology provides a comprehensive array of units of work, experiments, school projects, etc.
  • Short animation on river management and floodplains prepared by the Rhone Mediterranean Corsica Water Agency.
  • Learn more about official flood warnings, weather satellite and radar information and rainfall and stream gauge data.   The types of warnings which are able to be issued will depend on the type of flooding and the time available to estimate the size of the flood.  Go to Weather and warnings page of this website for more information.
  • The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience has prepared disaster resilience education for young people covering a range of interactive resources for Australian students and teachers, from late primary school to late secondary school.
  • VICSES has prepared a number of lesson plans, where SES volunteers are running a free education program for Victorian primary schools.
  • Geoscience Australia website has detailed information on a range of natural hazards including floods.
  • Australian Red Cross has prepared resources to help children to learn about emergencies so they can be prepared, and to help cope with their feelings afterwards.

Further detailed resource information can be found on this site Links to Resource Material.

Page Last Updated: Wednesday 7 March, 2018