Links to Resource Material

The following links provide a range of resources for those wishing to explore and learn about flood management.

  • The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR)  has prepared a range of Handbooks and Manuals, which have been developed to assist in the management and delivery of support services in a disaster context. The principles, strategies and actions within the Handbooks and Manuals have been compiled by practitioners and managers with extensive service delivery experience in a range of disaster events.  Handbook 7 - Managing the Floodplain: A Guide to Best practice in Flood Risk Management in Australia and Manuals 20, 21 and 22 relate specifically to managing the floodplain, flood preparedness, flood warning and flood response.
  • The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material provides useful information and resources about recovering and salvaging water damage goods and materials.
  • Australian Flood Risk Information Portal coordinated by Geoscience Australia enables flood information, currently held by different sources, to be accessible from a single online location. The portal provides access to authoritative flood maps and flood studies, as well as information about surface water observations derived from the analysis of satellite imagery.
  • The Dartmouth Flood Observatory is a worldwide space-based measurement of surface water (for research, educational, and humanitarian applications).  The observatory uses remote sensing to detect, measure, and map river discharge and river flooding.  It includes river watch, dynamic atlas of the Earth's surface water, active archive of large floods and rapid response inundation maps.
  • See past, current and forecast wind, weather, ocean, and pollution conditions, driven by supercomputers, on an interactive animated map developed by Earth Nullschool. The interactive map is updated every three hours.
  • Levee Management Guidelines developed by DELWP (2015) in consultation with practitioners and manager, cover important aspects of levee design, construction, maintenance, renewal or decommissioning. They also describe what levee owners or managers need to do to ensure the successful management of a levee before, during and after a flood.
  • Flood Resilience Portal is an outcome of Zurich Global Flood Resilience Programme. The aim of the Flood Resilience Portal is to create an effective knowledge sharing system for technical information on appropriate flood mitigation measures and practical solutions to flooding.


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