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Prepare & Prevent

Floods cause more damage than any other natural disaster in Australia.  The damage and disruption caused by floods can be devastating for households, businesses and whole communities.

It is not only properties near creeks and rivers that can flood.  There are different types of flooding which can affect many different types of properties, even those on hills.  If you are buying, leasing, renting or proposing to build on a property or already own a property you should know your flood risk and how to manage it.

Flood management is a whole of community responsibility.  While local, state and federal governments have an important role, floods cannot be stopped.  However, a great deal of damage that floods cause can be reduced through being FloodSafe.

Being FloodSafe involves proper planning before the flood and taking the right actions during and after the flood.  You can be FloodSafe by:

  • understanding your flood risks
  • understanding planning controls and their relationship to buildings and works
  • preparing your home or business
  • taking the right actions when a flood comes
  • recovering after the flood

Being FloodSafe … it’s your responsibility. This section helps you:

  • understand planning controls relating to flooding
  • understand your flood risks
  • stay safe and reduce your losses by preparing your home or business
  • know what others are doing to help you

There are other pages that can help you:

  • take the right actions when a flood comes
  • recover after a flood
Page Last Updated: Thursday 8 February, 2018