Government and Related Agencies' Roles

A large number of departments and agencies are involved in helping to prevent, prepare and recover from floods in Victoria.  These pages provide information on flood management roles that all levels of government play.

The list below gives a brief outline of major flood programs and agencies and departments involved.

Flood mitigation

With assistance of Federal and State Government funding, municipal councils and floodplain management authorities (CMAs & MW) are implementing flood mitigation plans where appropriate to reduce adverse effects of flooding to acceptable levels, agreed to in consultation with communities and relevant agencies.

Drainage improvements

Melbourne Water and local councils are improving urban drainage systems where this can be shown to reduce flooding on private properties.

Development planning

The floodplain management authorities (CMAs and Melbourne Water) and councils are working together to produce flood overlays and zones (for known flood affected areas) for inclusion into municipal planning schemes, which ensure that new buildings, works and subdivisions are compatible with the known flood risks.

Flood response plans

Planning for response to floods in Victoria is prepared in accordance with the State Flood Policy Committee (SFPC) as part of Victoria’s Emergency Management Arrangements.  The arrangements are set out in the Emergency Management Manual Victoria.  The State Flood Response Plan is prepared by the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) and endorsed by the SFPC.  The Plan outlines the response framework in Victoria, including a planning hierarchy describing the elements that should be considered at State, regional and municipal levels. The VCSES works with local councils and other agencies to ensure that there are appropriate response plans in place for all areas of Victoria which are at risk of flooding.

Flood warning systems

The Victorian Flood Warning Consultative Committee, chaired by the Bureau of Meteorology is working with the Victoria State Emergency Service, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Melbourne Water, CMAs, local councils and water supply authorities to ensure that flood warning systems are available for at-risk communities where this is practical.

Flood education

The Victoria State Emergency Service is working with the CMAs and local councils to help communities better understand their floods risks and learn how to prepare for, respond to and recover from floods.  The VICSES are rolling out the FloodSafe and StormSafe programs across many parts of Victoria.

Flood recovery

The Department of Human Services is working with local councils and other agencies to help communities which have flooded to recover quickly and be better prepared for future floods.

Page Last Updated: Thursday 15 July, 2010