Role of Municipal Councils

Seventy-nine local municipal councils operate across Victoria.

  • Local councils play an important role in flood management in the areas of land-use and development decisions with input from the relevant floodplain management authority. Further, under emergency management arrangements, they provide extensive support for emergency response and recovery, and many are involved in the provision of local flood warning services. They play a lead role for the management of urban stormwater flooding.

Below briefly outlines major roles of municipal council in flood management.

  • Develop and implement local floodplain management plans to reduce the adverse effects of flooding to acceptable levels, agreed to in consultation with local communities and relevant agencies.
  • Incorporate flood mapping and controls into their local planning schemes to manage land use and development (buildings, works and subdivisions) within known floodplain areas.
  • Provide, own and manage local community infrastructure within their boundaries in accordance with agreed levels of service.
  • Implement and maintain local flood warning systems, including systems for flash flood events.
  • Support, develop and resource the implementation of flood response plans, as part of their municipal emergency management plans.
  • Provide for the conservation of natural resources and environmental values of significance.

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Page Last Updated: Tuesday 6 March, 2018