Land Use Planning and Controls

Your local council should have planning controls to ensure new buildings and works on your property are appropriate to the flood hazard.

Search Planning Maps Online to find out if your council has planning controls for flooding on your property.  This site allows you to find a property and lets you turn on planning zones and overlays within a Council Planning Scheme.  Select "Get Report" to obtain a summary about a property and further links to Planning Schemes Online. 

Planning Schemes Online provides access to all of Victoria's planning scheme provisions (planning controls) and maps.  Planning schemes in Victoria must seek to achieve the objectives of planning in Victoria as set out in Section 4(1) of the Planning & Environment Act 1987.  These objectives are as follows:

  • to provide for the fair, orderly, economic and sustainable use, and development of land;
  • to provide for the protection of natural and man-made resources and the maintenance of ecological processes and genetic diversity;
  • to secure a pleasant, efficient and safe working, living and recreational environment for all Victorians and visitors to Victoria;
  • to conserve and enhance those buildings, areas or other places which are of scientific, aesthetic, architectural or historical interest, or otherwise of special cultural value;
  • to protect public utilities and other assets and enable the orderly provision and co‑ordination of public utilities and other facilities for the benefit of the community;
  • to facilitate development in accordance with the objectives set out in the points above; and
  • to balance the present and future interests of all Victorians.

The Land Use Planning page on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website, provides access to planning control information and related guidelines, and may provide additional flood mapping information, known as Victoria Flood Data, that is not yet contained within Council Planning Schemes.  It is recommended that this additional flood mapping should be checked. 

Note: Victorian Flood Maps do not cover areas within the metropolitan area, which is managed by Melbourne Water.

Page Last Updated: Tuesday 6 March, 2018