Understanding your Risks

There are many different types and causes of flooding and your property could be at risk from one or more.  You should make yourself familiar with the type of flood that may affect your area and how your property is affected.

Victoria's floodplain management authorities (FMAs), comprising nine regionally based Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) and Melbourne Water, can provide relevant flood advice and information.  To find your floodplain management authority use the interactive map or the list below.

Interactive Map of Floodplain Management Authorities (FMAs)

East Gippsland CMA North East CMA West Gippsland CMA Goulburn Broken CMA Melbourne Water Corangamite CMA North Central CMA Wimmera CMA Glenelg Hopkins CMA Mallee CMA

Position mouse over area for name to appear and click to link for FMA information

List of Floodplain Management Authorities (FMAs)



Page Last Updated: Thursday 15 July, 2010