FloodSafe Property Improvements

When building, redeveloping, extending, renovating, refurnishing, redecorating, landscaping or making outdoor improvements you can make your property more resistant to the effects of floods by using materials that are easy to clean and are not easily damaged by water or by locating things where they will be out of reach of the floodwaters.

When building, redeveloping, extending, renovating or redecorating consider:

  • locating buildings away from known flow paths
  • keeping floor levels well above flood levels
  • using double (or full) brick walls instead of brick veneer
  • using concrete or timber floors instead of chipboard
  • using continuous timber framing members rather than glued members
  • using non absorbent insulation
  • using tiles instead of carpet
  • using solid timber built in cabinets (e.g., kitchens) instead of chipboard or medium density fibre board
  • using water resistant furniture not chipboard

For more advice see accompanying document Extend Yourself (PDF 114KB)

There are products available to keep floodwaters out of properties or buildings.  The Victorian Government does not endorse any specific products but information on what is available in Australia can be found on the website of Molino Stewart Pty Ltd.

When landscaping, installing a pool, building a fence or making other outdoor improvements consider:

  • the flow path that water takes through your property
  • any structure you build (shed, retaining wall, garden bed) or changes you make to the contours in your yard can change the water flow paths
  • that you could be liable for any damage that redirected water causes to your neighbour’s property
  • that swimming pools collect silt and rubbish if stormwater or floodwaters flow through them
  • that paling and solid fences can act as dams that fill yards to avoidable depths on the uphill side before collapsing and sending a wave of destruction into properties on the downhill side

Before undertaking any improvements to find out if your council has planning controls for flooding on your property see Land use planning and controls for guidance on this website.

For more advice see accompanying documents:

Page Last Updated: Tuesday 6 March, 2018